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Red Dragon Fantasy Dagger

One-of-a-Kind Fantasy Blades & Daggers

Here at Cutlery and Blade, we have a variety of fantasy blades, daggers, swords, knives, and kitchen cutlery for you to find the ideal pieces you are currently searching for to have in your home. Whether you are a collector of fantasy daggers or just like knives that cut well in the kitchen, we have something for everyone. We have an assortment of claw daggers for those who love comic books. Now you can collect your favorite fantasy weapons from videos games and other well-known icons. 

When you are in the kitchen, you want to have reliable knives to make cooking easier and more enjoyable. When you have dull knives, cooking can quickly become a chore you don’t want to do. Our inventory includes traditional cutlery for chopping and slicing vegetables and meat in the kitchen, so you can prepare your favorite dishes with ease every time.

All of our knives are made of stainless steel and manufactured by Fantasy Master, Vortec, and other leading brands. These knives, daggers, stainless steel throwing knives, and other items are Cutlery and Blade and are competitively priced.

Contact our team if you have questions about ordering through our website or a particular item we are selling.

Stainless Steel Claws
Look the part of “Wolverine” at your
next comic-con event with our

11” stainless
steel claws.

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Red Dragon Fantasy Dagger
Impress others with our
10” red dragon
fantasy dagger.

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Dark Assassin Medieval Short Sword Dagger with Sheath
Look no further with our
11" Dark Assassin
Medieval Short Sword Dagger with Sheath

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